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Karate Black Belt


Martial Arts Class


Starting October 2022 we will adjust our schedule to allow more kids to enroll in our program. You can look at the new schedule by clicking on the link here.

For more information or questions contact us at

Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards


Starting something new is exciting and intimidating because we are allowing ourselves to enter unfamiliar territory. We understand that it's a big step taking on a new activity so we have compiled our list of 5 essential tips to make your first experience great.

1. Arrive early

Arriving early for your first class allows you to get a feel of the dojo, a tour of the dojo facilities, and personal time with the sensei before the class starts. As well, you get to meet the other members that you will be training with before you begin your first lesson.

2. What to wear

You will be moving around a lot so wearing loose fitting clothing ensures that you can move freely and not get restricted with tight clothing. As a safety precaution, and to avoid the damage of personal items, all jewelry (except for Medic Alert bracelets/necklaces) are removed before starting class.

3. Be ok with making mistakes

When learning a new skill, it takes many failed repetitions to be able to figure it out and become successful with it. Allowing the ego to dominate your thoughts will make your personal growth and development a harder task.

4. Pace yourself

Part of the sensei's job is to push the students to the limit, but no one wins if the students gas out within the first 5 minutes of class. Do what you can to the best of your ability, especially with your first class. 

5. Smile

Serious training doesn't mean that you cannot smile, especially when you are learning something new for the first time. Smiling will not only allow you to enjoy the experience, it ensures that your breathing and allows you to be yourself.

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